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Letter to USCIS regarding Foreign Students Growth in US Universities - Use this as an example

I want to express my concerns about OPT program which has wrecked havoc on future of American children who want to get admission in STEM programs in good Universities in USA. OPT program needs to be eliminated completely or seriously reformed.   I am a father from CA writing this letter to bring your attention to the increasing trend of foreign students being accepted over US citizens and lawful permanent residents from 2008 onwards in the University of California system in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Majors and more and more (STEM) jobs being awarded to non- American citizens. It is a nationwide phenomenon; the same problem is present in universities in other states also. Even the community colleges and state universities have been taking much larger population of foreign students and the percentage of foreign students is much higher in prestigious private schools.     For example: around 85-90% of students coming from India are going in STEM majors. It is