Parachute students, DACA, and Dreamer students in USA - Growth of foreign born students

Parachute students, DACA, and Dreamer students in USA 
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Parachute Kids

DACA and Undocumented students

Chinese/Asian students who are arriving in US at very young age – called parachute kids
·        A big percentage of them go to public schools in US free, they can live with local guardians who host these kids at their homes for a good price tag.
·        DACA program encouraged migration of younger age kids.
·        California Dream act ensured these students pay in state tuition fee for higher education.
·        Bills AB540 & S 1615.
·        Several special programs in education system for DACA students
·        Parents coming to US for birth tourism also, sometimes these kids have passports from multiple countries making them eligible for welfare in many countries.
·        We are creating a large class of citizens who will be going to schools free until K-12 and will be eligible for several benefits.  


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