Pathetic State of Engineering Education In India

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·        In India, the number of engineering colleges in 25 years has grown up 50 – 60 times or even higher in certain States.
·        Currently India is producing around 1.5 million engineers a year and only 7% out of those are employable.

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  • ·        Quality of education in the engineering or technical education programs is extremely low in India.
  • ·        Most of these engineering colleges did not have proper labs or other infrastructure.
  • ·        All India Council of technical education other regulatory or accrediting  bodies which are responsible for operation of these engineering colleges not able to maintain quality or do not care about the low quality education colleges. 
  • ·        In government run educational institutes; please do watch our video on this topic – quota system in admissions and jobs in India.
  • ·        Discriminatory system based on students’ caste exists in India while granting admissions in public educational institutes. Same discriminatory system exists for giving government jobs including teaching jobs in these colleges exists in India. So teachers and students are both of very low quality at these institutes. 
  • ·        Businessman from unrelated fields are opening colleges left and right in India and the quality of education has gone down horribly.
  • ·        There are more engineering seats available then the actual students available. See the excellent links in the video.
  • ·        Most of these Engineers day actually working unrelated fields many of them actually leave the country for higher education abroad. 
  • ·        Many of the students do not even actually go to the colleges. The students are skipping classes to stay at home and do something else. Skipping of classes is very common it actually starts in high school.
  • ·        Many of them are just staying home and preparing for the standardized testing like SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT or other standardized tests so they can apply for universities in other countries.
  • ·        These students not only go to United States, they go all over the world.
  • ·        There is a very big shortage of good engineers and people in skilled trades. 
  • ·        India does not even have good crane operators or heavy equipment operators.
  • ·        Many of these engineering colleges are closing based on low enrollment number, watch our video carefully.
  • ·        The cost of tuition has in India has gone up significantly so parents actually rather spend little more and send children to study in other countries even though the cost is higher in other countries but there are better prospects of finding a job especially when we programs like OPT in place in USA.
  • ·        54% of seats in private engineering colleges in India went vacant in 2016-2017.  
  • ·        28% of the seats in government engineering colleges went vacant in 2016-17.  
  • ·        China is also producing twice as many STEM graduates every year than the same in United States.


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