Students cheating in exams in India & China - Cheating is ingrained part of education system in India & China

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Students cheating in exams in India & China 


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Cheating in ingrained part of education system in India & China

Cheating is ingrained in education system in India and China-

·        In this video you will see that cheating is ingrained part of system in India and China. There are matchmaker business, which find and pay students in United States to take standardized tests on behalf of someone in China.

·        As per US law enforcement officials, there was one website, which used to arrange a US student to take standardized testing on behalf of someone else.

·        While taking Chinese version of SAT exam Gaokao, we found many articles showing how students try to cheat.

·        Similarly, in India you will see cheating is prevalent at every level of education.

·        Population is very high in India, education system is very old and outdated.

·        Reservations (quota) system in India based on caste gives spots to much lower qualified candidates in educational institutes and public sector jobs.

·        Students go to extreme lengths to secure admission in foreign universities.

·        Cost of tuition in India has gone up relatively and quality has gone down, so students want to go abroad to recover the investment in education.

·        Students do not participate in any extracurricular activities, only become bookworms.

·        Sophisticated test scams from china making their way to US – The atlantic

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