How low quality students from certain countries are gaming American Education System

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Primary focus of this study was to look into various causes and implications of increase in number of foreign students at Undergraduate level at UC’s after year 2008. Similar trends can be observed at other great universities across the United States.  We tried our best to get as much data as possible from government or public or very reputed websites, all the web references have been shown at the top.  We have tried our best to state the facts as it is and not give any opinions.  This study was conducted to understand all aspects of the issue. We used free online resources available in public domain. We did not change any numbers or facts. We assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of these videos or blogposts. The information contained in these videos or blogposts is provided on an “as is” basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness…”  
Reuters - how an industry helps Chinese students cheat their way into and through US colleges 
The Big Hack
How Asian test-prep companies swiftly exposed the brand-new SAT  

Opening Doors   How top U.S. colleges hooked up with controversial Chinese companies  
WSJ -  foreign students see cheating 5 times more than domestic ones  -  academic fraud corruption and implications for credential assessment             china corruption rank   

Diploma  -  why these websites exist?   - why do not we shut down these websites?  -  Indian education system needs 5 changes urgently private tuition outside schools in India   

The   -  why this tuition mania  -  surge in growth of Indian students studying abroad   

Google keywords  - study abroad education consultants

Students giving up illegal part time jobs to stay in US   - timesof India.,   India fastest growing source of illegal immigrant to US  
Google Keywords -  Australia cancels student visas,  
America Indian illegal immigrant student visa guest worker trap program 

• Excellent Video:  How serious the problem of fraud is in our education system?
• How an industry is helping foreign students game the American education system? From forging transcripts, doing their coursework, finding someone to take the placement test on student’s behalf, writing application essays, finding part time work, placing students at lower wages, and many other ways.
• Booming education consultancy business in other countries. 
• The now defunct Chinese consultancy agency Zinch China, estimated that as many as 90% of recommendation letters for Chinese students were fake, and 70% of all application essays were not written by the students themselves.  
• Students overstaying their visa, going to US or other countries to study but actually start doing part time jobs, not graduating in time, going in very different direction.
• Lot of international students being accepted because of their ability to pay more in the beginning.


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